spock74 (spock74) wrote,

Blig blag blahg...

I LOST FIVE POUNDS!!!!! Whee! I wasn't sure I could do it but now I know I can so sticking to "The Program" will be easier. I eat whatever I want, just less of it and I have to plan ahead. I've also been walking, which gives me more points to use during the week.

Today is Sunday, and it has been a very different Sunday than those of the past months/years. My psychiatrist suggested not going back to bed AT ALL after I get up in the morning. Now, in the past, I would spend Sunday in bed napping/watching football. Well, today I have been sitting on the couch not napping but still watching football. Perhaps it doesn't seem like a big change, but for me, it is.

In a few days I'm heading out for another vacation with the parental units. We're going to visit Ethan in MI and then on to Niagara Falls. I'm looking forward to it as we all get along pretty well most of the time.

Other than that, not much is going on. I'm working on my meds, trying to get rid of the stupid feeling I have most of the time now. I think Weight Watchers is going to help with my overall well-being just because it's something to focus on and the first real goal I've had in a long time. With that, I shall bid you adieu. TTFN!!
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