spock74 (spock74) wrote,

Don't feel like posting about RL, cuz it sucks right now so...

Meme Time. Again. I've done this one with lyrics, but never just a song listing. And I SWEAR this is what came up. I didn't cheat at all. And believe me, I have way more embarrassing stuff than *NSYNC in my iTunes, so. I guess the music gods decided not to humiliate me too badly tonight.

Ganked from hunters_retreat, btw.

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. So here is the game! Hit shuffle on your ipod or mp3 player and write down the first 25 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun! Then tag your friends.

1. Red, Red Wine - UB40
2. It's Gonna Be Me - *NSYNC
3. Is This Love - Whitesnake
4. Say It Ain't So - Weezer
5. Nero Sighted - Michael Giacchino (Star Trek XI Soundtrack)
6. Jeremy (2008 Brendan O'Brien Mix) - Pearl Jam
7. I'm Tore Down - Eric Clapton
8. I Don't Care Anymore - Phil Collins
9. Laugh Laugh - The Beau Brummels
10. Hockey Monkey - James Kochalka
11. Play Me - Neil Diamond
12. (And She Said) Take Me Now - Justin Timberlake Feat. Janet Jackson
13. Epic - Faith No More
14. Judy Is A Punk - Ramones
15. Crawl away - tool
16. She Got Me - JC Chasez
17. Sober - tool
18. Last Train Home - lostprophets
19. Suffragette City - David Bowie
20. Rock With You - Michael Jackson
21. Let's Get Rocked - Def Leppard
22. Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
23. This Magic Moment - The Drifters
24. Drunken Lullabies - Flogging Molly
25. Ballroom Blitz - Sweet
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