spock74 (spock74) wrote,

What has happened to me?

I have been truly and utterly sucked in by Star Trek fandom. My flist has been taken over, and I don't read anything else because there are only so many hours and there are SOOO many good STXI stories out there. Honestly, I think at least half of the posts on my flist are Trek related. I have been a Trek fan practically since birth, but I have NEVER slashed it at all until I saw this new movie. 5 times so far. And I'm into pairings I wouldn't have expected. Like Kirk/McCoy. I. can't. stop. reading. it. And I would've thought I'd be all about the Kirk/Spock, but notsomuch. Really not at all. Huh.

Is anyone else having trouble finding their way out of the LaBrea Tar Pit that is ST Reboot fandom?

Also, the Terminator Salvation is eating my brain but in a totally different way.
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