spock74 (spock74) wrote,

Are you tired of this yet? Cuz I'm not.

This batch comes from rjsteamboat76.

In reverse order because all the cool kids are doing it that way (like helsmeta).

Throw off a cliff: Randy Pearson. You, sir, single-handedly ruined the last season of a great show. Not that it was as good after Eric left, but it wasn't bad enough to need this doofus. I'm actually rather vehement about this one. I want him to go over one of those cliffs the Spartans used to throw handicapped babies off of. With lots of spiky rock shards at the bottom. And it's OK if he doesn't die right away. I could listen to him moan in agony for a while.

Shag: Lando Calrissian. Sure, he betrayed the rebels, but he's yummy. And sooooo smooth.

Marry: Boromir. He's damaged, but he wants to be good. He does. And I could fix him, dammit. Otherwise he'll just die anyway and then I'll move on to Faramir.
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