spock74 (spock74) wrote,

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Bleh cold bleh. I hate being sick when you're not REALLY sick. Not that I like being REALLY sick, but... Anyway, the hockey game was fabulous. I wasn't as close to The Great One as I thought I would be, but I saw him, so it was cool. Also, we were really close to the ice (3rd row close!), so it was pretty exciting. The glass bends a lot more than I thought when they smash into it. No fights, but lots of goals and some good hitting, so all in all a great success. Had sushi with Cory beforehand, so 2 of my favorite things at once! School is going well so far, lots of reading to keep me busy.

I've just begun a Netflix subscription and I've decided to post the rating I give each movie I watch. So far there are only a few:
So far I've gotten good ones! Anyhoo, it's too cold to write more, so TTFN!!!
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