spock74 (spock74) wrote,

I highly doubt anyone will notice, but I'm going to do a giant de-friending later tonight. It's not because of anything other than me wanting to streamline my friends page so I don't have to go back 300 to catch up on one day. This here journal is public, so if you can't live without my *snort* pearls of wisdom, you won't have to. If any of you really think I should keep reading your LJ because soon you're going to reveal the recipe for gold, let me know. I'm truly not doing this as a plea for people to tell me they love me or be de-friended. I hate that kind of thing with a passion. I'm only letting y'all know because some people get weird about being de-friended. No weirdness, just too much stuff going on right now. Who knows, 3 months from now I may decide I'm bored to tears and come groveling back. I hope you all have a great holiday, whatever it might be. TTFN!!
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