spock74 (spock74) wrote,

Misheard lyrics

So I was listening to the radio today and Steve Miller's Jet Airliner came on the radio. For some reason I remembered that my pseudo-brother Josh thought for a long time that the chorus started out "Big old Chet he's a wino" and couldn't figure out why everyone hated Chet so much. This brought to mind the fact that for the majority of my youth I thought the line in Footloose that actually goes "come on before we crack" was actually "come on the whole wheat track". I don't know what I thought a whole wheat track was, but in my addled teen-brain it somehow made sense.

I know you ALL have one of those lurking in your past (whether it be recent or ancient). Share with the rest of us! It'll be fun! Call it a meme if you want!

On a completely separate note, I just signed up for the free fantasy hockey on Yahoo! Is it incredibly petty if the only thing I did to customize my automatic draft was to exclude all the Detroit players?
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