spock74 (spock74) wrote,

Frickin' library. Again.

Why do I only get in the mood to post when I have endless amounts of shit I actually have to get done. Actual excerpts from notes taken whilst trying to get through Song of Roland:

1. The people at the desk behind me must be on a "study date" because she keeps laughing at nothing and he's making veiled attempts to find out if she has a crazy ex lurking in her past. He just asked if I have a highlighter. Sadly, I do not, but he has a great accent. I think I could take the scrawny bitch.

2. Song of Roland is pretty cool. I'm kind of craving a Roland/Turpin/Oliver threeway right now. It would be really nice if I could turn off the slash goggles once in a while. Next thing you know I'll be wanting some whacked-out AU starring Charlemagne and Louis XIV.

This is odd. Not just because it's odd, but because I don't usually write down what I'm thinking. I seriously think there's a gas leak somewhere in this library basement, because I get into all sorts of academic shenanigans whenever I'm down here. Sadly, it's the only place I get anything done. On a completely other note, why did adult swim bring back Superjail? It's almost as bad as Assy McGee. Whatever. I need to go read at least half of HG Wells' Time Machine before I can go to sleep, and I'm still watching this crap. What is wrong with me? I blame Pringles.

Edit--------- Only someone who is watching Tim & Eric will get this, but. My friend runs a daycare out of her home. It's name? Tiny Tigers. Hee...
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