spock74 (spock74) wrote,

Feeling odd, maybe it's the library air?

I know I have pretty much taken the month of September off from the interwebs. It's not going to get much better any time soon. There are several reasons for this, including school and the fact that I'm a huge dork and dropped my PowerBook, thus rendering it useless as anything other than a paperweight. I'm still (5 weeks into the semester) fighting about financial aid. My classes are going well, though. I'm still taken aback by how much harder this has been than I thought it would. I've done this millions of times, right? I think the problem (if you want to call it that) is that I've never done it right. Which I think I am currently doing.

Anyway, this 5 minute series of tubes break has turned into fifteen, so I'd better get back to doing it right. The thing I started writing this for was to ask if there is anything LJ-related in the past month or so I absolutely have to see, because there is no way I'm catching up on eighty jillion LJ posts. Thanks and have a stupendous week! TTFN!!

I've been getting some weird anonymous comments lately, and just to clarify: I am, in point of fact, a female.
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