spock74 (spock74) wrote,

My very first icon meme

I let sheryden pick six of my icons. Now I will tell you about them. (And I'm very slow.)

hockey gopher helmets

This is an icon I made using the official Gopher Hockey wallpaper at the Gophersports website. I love me some Gopher Hockey and I think this is a cool icon. If you don't know they're hockey helmets, or know that the maroon M on the gold background represents the University of Minnesota, I'm not sure what you'd think it was. I guess I'm trying to be enigmatic or something.

aus wenham rowr

I made this icon from a scene in the 2000 Australian movie Better Than Sex in which the tagline is "3 days in the life of a 1 night stand". It's a cute movie with a bunch of weird scenes in which characters imagine themselves in odd situations. This is David Wenham imagining he is a lion. In his undies, no less. Do I really need to say more than "David Wenham in his undies"?

lost jack/sawyer hugging it out

I am a very enthusiastic Jack/Sawyer shipper. This is my attempt at proving the pairing is canon. It was made by mediocrechick, from whom I also ganked another Jack/Sawyer icon.

foster's eduardo

I watch waaaaayyyyy too many cartoons for a person my age, and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is one of my favorites. I love Eduardo because he just wants everyone to get along. That, and the fact that he's a big fat baby. With a super-cool belt buckle. It was made by tmg_icons.

interference pattern flower

I got this and another similar one from neitherday. I just think they're cool. Almost every time I use it, I get a comment or two about it.

trek spock starry night

This is from the amazing lemonrocket (who used to be mrs_spock). It is part of a bunch she has made that take "great works of art" and puts a Star Trek twist on them. I like that they're funny, but kind of subtle. All her icons are awesome, and if I had a jillion icons, they would probably be mostly hers.
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