spock74 (spock74) wrote,

Somebody win the lottery, dammit...

Whoever invented money was a complete idiot. I'm sure it's nice when you have some, but when you don't it sucks almost as much as the underlying premise of the latest Indiana Jones movie. (I actually liked the movie, but the whole basis for the story was puh-leeze!) I've been going back and forth with myself about moving out of the parental homestead and when I crunch the numbers, it just isn't worth it. Yes, I would have more privacy and independence. And yes, I would have no cable, internet, gas money and possibly, by the end of the month, toilet paper. I also wouldn't be able to run an air conditioner very much at all. I've discussed this all with the mother and the father and they are in agreement. So I'm here for a while longer, anyway.

In other news, though, I am going back to school. Now, please don't sprain anything rolling your eyes, people, I'm just going to finish the degree I was working on at NDSU in Fargo. I'll take a half load to start with. Classes begin August 25th, and I'm actually pretty excited. Not necessarily about the degree itself (I'll graduate with a Bachelor of University Studies, or B.U.S. I'll have a bus!) but about actually, for once in my life, finishing SOMETHING. Yay for finishing stuff! So that's what's what around here. Hope you all are having a swell summer so far! TTFN!!
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