spock74 (spock74) wrote,

So, yeah

Last weekend was fun. I haven't gone anywhere or done anything is so long, it was like a vacation. Shawn and I had a good time on Friday night. We went to see You Don't Mess With the Zohan, which was really quite enjoyable. Obviously, it was fairly stupid, but within the context of an Adam Sandler movie, I really liked it.

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon at the Mall of, and stimulated the ever-lovin' crap out of the economy. Good times. Then I went over to my cousin's house in St. Paul. We went to a Cambodian/Chinese buffet which was really good. We had originally planned on seeing the new Indiana Jones movie, but both decided that sounded too much like work, so we rented The Mist instead. I'll have to say, it's one of the better movies adapted from a Stephen King story. I have to go read the story now, because my bro says the movie ending is different. And the movie ending was just brutal. Seriously messed-up.

On Sunday I slept in and then farted around in Maple Grove for a while. I'm totally in love with Trader Joe's. Their mandarin orange chicken is soooooooo good. Cheap and easy, too. Drove home the rest of the way in and out of rain. Actually, driving in and out of rain pretty much sums up the last two weeks worth of weather. Getting really old. Anyhoo, nothing interesting has happenede since then, except that we didn't go to The Lake this weekend because of the crappy weather. Summer can arrive any old time, thankyouverymuch. Wishing you all sunshine days and caviar nights. Or something. TTFN!!
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