spock74 (spock74) wrote,

Sad lazy goober-head...

Yep, that's me. Actually I have been feeling pretty dang crappy for going on 2 weeks now. My temporary respite from most Lupus symptoms is sadly over. I haven't had a decent night's sleep in a week because of the pain from the pleurisy and I'm typing this with only 9 fingers because the middle one on my left hand won't bend. It's nothing compared to how I have felt at various other times, but it's harder to deal with because I had been feeling so great for so long. I just need to get back into the "Lupus mindset" that I had almost perfected before this recent spell of goodness. I'm seeing my Rheumatologist tomorrow, so hopefully he'll have some words of wisdom. Either that or a bucket of prednisone.

In other news, I have spent my "economic stimulus" check on something I feel confident 'ol GW would find terribly offensive. I don't really feel like going into the whole thing tonight, so I'll just say it's a website, and it has nothing to do with fishing. More later, I promise. I just need to craft a rather lengthy explanation of things before I go public.

Well, I'm going to head for bed as I have a long day tomorrow. I'll be driving to St. Louis Park for the appointment, and then I'm going to stay with Shawn Friday night. Haven't seen him in ages so it should be good. Plus he's the only person I know who's a bigger pessimist than I am, so that should be fun. Saturday night I'm going to stay with my cousin Sue, who I also haven't seen in forever. I believe we will be taking in the new Indiana Jones picture. I'm keeping an open mind. TTFN!!
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