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Happy(er than I thought it would be) Valentine's Day!

Well, the kitty is home. She is pretty miserable and is missing the fur on her tummy, but she's alive enough to be cranky, and that's a whole lot better than I had myself prepared for. The vet removed a fatty tumor that was attached to her sternum. He thinks it was contained, and said that other than her liver being kind of compressed, her organs looked good. It was a huge blob of goo, he said it weighed over a pound. That's almost 10% of her body weight. Yikes! So I guess we know now why she was feeling like crap. That thing was taking up most of her abdominal cavity.

So all in all, Audrey is doing OK. Now the task at hand is to get her eating again. I'm hoping that maybe when her pain pill kicks in, she'll fell a little more like eating. I feel like I lost 50 lbs. (I wish!) and I think I'll be able to sleep well tonight. Thanks to everyone who was thinking good thoughts for Catzilla. She lives to menace another city. TTFN!!
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