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My kitty is sicky

I don't know how sick, or exactly what's wrong with her yet, but the chances of it being something simple are pretty small. It all started a couple of weeks ago, she had been making squeaky noises when she was picked up for a while, but that was all. Then she started acting weird. Not bad, just, off. I took her to the vet and had an x-ray done, which showed that her spleen was enlarged and her belly was full of fluid. I took her home with some Lasix to try to get rid of the fluid with the understanding that if that didn't work, the next option was surgery.

I spent the week freaking out and asking second opinions of everyone at the shelter. The vet we use asked if Audrey's vet had mentioned a needle aspiration of the fluid in her tummy. He had not, so I scheduled another appointment for this past Friday. On Friday, the vet called and wondered why I was bringing her in again. I explained about the needle aspiration. He impressed upon me exactly HOW large her spleen was, which I hadn't really realized. He said that a needle aspiration without anesthesia could make things go from not so bad to she's dead very quickly. We then decided to go ahead and schedule the surgery. They'll put her under and then do the needle aspiration. Depending upon what that shows, decisions will have to be made. If we decide to go ahead with the surgery, more decisions will have to be made. The best case is the spleen is just infected, they remove it, and she gets some antibiotics for a while. Worst case is, well, she never wakes up.

I spent pretty much the whole day Friday crying and snuggling her against her will. I know there are people out there who will roll their eyes at the fact that I'm so distraught about this, but they can all kiss Audrey's crusty butt. I love her and she never tells me that I'm doing something wrong, or that I should go out and get a job. She loves me no matter what. So now I'm in total denial mode and have decided everything is going to be just fine. Dammit. TTFN!!
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